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Working Procedure of the Grievance Cell

1) The object of setting of the Grievance Cell is to resolve the grievance/ complaints against the Members of the Association amicably. It is to be noted that the Grievance Cell shall not function as Quasi-Judicial Authority or as an Arbitrator but it only acts as a Mediator/ facilitator.
2) The Committee shall consist of three Senior Vice Presidents. The senior most Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Committee. The said Committee will review the status.
3) The Secretariat shall accept the complaints in respect of the Member of the Association only in the form of hard copy supported by relevant documents filed / delivered to the CREDAI along with the along with the non-refundable processing fee.
4) In order for Association to effectively redress the complaint, the complainant is advised to clearly mention issues which need resolution, explicitly in the complaint.
5) No complaints between Members to Member shall be admitted by the Association

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